I wanted to send a note to personally thank you and your team for the great job on the NFL Combine transport this week.  I can see that you understand what a high profile project this is, and we feel this same way.  I was thrilled with the attention to detail that your team gave to the delivery of the mobiles.  Also, the pictures of our mobile in front of Lucas Stadium were awesome, and I am very grateful for Chad and your team going the extra mile for KMG!  Please let Chad know that we appreciate his great work on this.


Warm regards,



Kimberly Jacobs | Chief Executive Officer

KMG | An Employee Owned Company




Appreciated client testimonials

I don’t often have a reason to write a letter of thanks and recommendation because the level of “service” I receive in business is average at best. When someone goes beyond expectations it is with great thanks and pleasure that I take the time to write a letter acknowledging the person and or company that exceeded expectations. I would like to thank you for the extra effort demonstrated in the delivery of Catalina Imaging’s mobile units. At the time of delivery and set up, the driver discovered the hydraulics were not fully working. The driver stayed with the problem until it was resolved. That included remaining considerably longer on site than expected. He also returned the next morning and worked with Catalina Imaging and the local Hydraulic Company to resolve the problem. That dedication resulted in the Hospital thanking Catalina Imaging for their “very professional” driver and his efforts to make everything right before leaving. Thank you again for the job well done.
Ron Wright, Catalina Imaging
Just a note to express my gratitude on the professionalism your crew exhibits every time I have a mission for them. On occasion there is a customer that is not experienced with MR trailers and move issues, so working through the customer’s logistics proves to be a challenge, and has caused sudden changes in the scheduling which I have passed on to your staff. It never seems to be a problem, your staff just finds a way through it and that gives our company a great reputation for “solving” our customer’s issues. Thanks again for running a great team, we appreciate everything they do! I look forward to continuing this business relationship as long as we can.
Doug Baker, SafeScan Imaging Services
A couple weeks ago I was on site to accept delivery of the MRI unit at Children’s Hospital Omaha, NE. I just wanted to reach out and express my appreciation for the exceptional service the Driver (Masion) performed delivering and setting up the unit. It is always a pleasure working with professionals when involved in these types of projects. We always hear the bad things, especially in this business, so I believe in reporting the good as well. Masion was a great help and things could not have gone better. He is a AAA Professional and represents your company very well.
Greg Becker, Alliance Radiology
I just thought you should know as owner of DelMed how pleased I have been with the services of your company. From my first encounter with scheduling, to the detail you and your staff provide to my customers throughout the set up, has exceeded my expectation. I especially appreciate the professionalism your drivers present when they arrive on the hospital campus to work with my customers on the placement of the scanner. I have received many comments on how helpful and conscientious your drivers are when working with the hospital staff. You, your drivers, office staff, and attention to detail, makes my business a success. Keep up the great work….”
Lynn T. Behrns, Interim Diagnostic Imaging LLC
“Know their working relationship with Siemens supersedes my interaction with DelMed, I can say they have been a key vendor in the transportation of our mobile systems. Their knowledge of mobiles as well as the imaging equipment they carry, allows for every turnover to be smooth and worry free. They are always accommodating day or night and will work out any situation to provide transport for our mobiles. I would recommend DelMed at the highest regard to any and all potential clients!”
Andrea Pennell, Siemens Medical Solutions
“I have worked with DelMed employees on a daily basis for the last three years, and their service has always been top notch. They are always very courteous and helpful and go above and beyond. I would highly recommend DelMed to anyone who could use their services!”
Kristi Anderson, Mobile Diagnostic Imaging
The MRI was delivered this morning without any hiccups. The unit looks great, and the DelMed driver was outstanding. This is/was a unique and ‘class A’ project, so I took lots of pictures in case u need them…and the way the customer was talking today they really look forward to keeping the unit for as long a they can!
Dan Jackson, Insight Imaging